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Forklift Operator Training and Forklift Trainer Certification Classes

Forklift Training in South Florida Receive high-quality forklift operator training and forklift trainer certification classes. With over 32 years of training experience, our professionals at Forklift Training Shop provide affordable OSHA forklift certification in Hialeah, Miami, Doral and surrounding areas, making it easy for businesses to complete their OSHA forklift certification requirements and helping individuals to take the first step toward a New Career with Our Forklift Training Classes.Our qualified team delivers forklift certification covering all relevant Federal and State Safety Standards and Regulations. Forklift Training Shop provides classes at our facility, or on-site forklift training at your designated location. We train groups of any size, with any level of experience, from the beginning forklift operator to the advanced. In addition, we have “train the trainer”, packages complete with all the materials necessary to conduct your own in-house forklift training courses; this is a very cost-effective solution for any business.We have a thorough approach to training, incorporating classroom instruction with hands-on equipment practice that ensures a solid foundation in safe forklift vehicle operation. Within a few hours, our students work toward getting their Forklift Operator Card and receive their Forklift Operator Certificate the same day! Get Started Now!

Operator Safety Training Makes Sense

A Program to help you meet and exceed OSHA forklift training requirement standard 29 CFR 1910.178 by offering specialized safety training videos, materials, and programs.

  • Lift Truck Basics
  • Pre-Operation Inspection
  • Handling characteristics
  • Load Handling
  • Balance and Stability
  • Fueling Procedures

What is the definition of a powered industrial truck?

Any mobile power-propelled truck used to carry, push, pull, lift, stack or tier materials. Powered industrial trucks can be ridden or controlled by a walking operator. Earth moving and over the road haulage trucks are not included in the definition. Equipment that was designed to move earth but has been modified to accept forks are also not included.

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